Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reviews - 9/25/12

This is "Part II" of the Cut Throat Records appreciation post from a few days ago.  And there will be a "Part III" eventually too.  They sent us a lot of good stuff.

Born Liars - Go Back One Day 7" - 3 tracks that reflect everything we wrote about this band here.

Born Liars - Ragged Island - 11 tracks that also reflect everything we wrote about this band here.

Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders - Don't Worry 'bout Me Baby 7" - Holy shit, how did we not get to this stack of vinyl earlier?  It really doesn't pay to be lazy.  Pat Todd is, of course, of Lazy Cowgirls fame and is thereby quite rulin'.  I've heard it said (or maybe read it written) that Paul Westerberg is the Bruce Springsteen of underground rock 'n' roll but honestly, I like Paul Westerberg's music better than the Big Boss Man (what a hip stand to take) so in my mind's eye, that statement just means he's less well known.  Along those lines, you could probably make the argument that Pat Todd is the Paul Westerberg of...of...undergrounder rock 'n' roll?

Maybe that was a little forced, but the point is that the title track served up on this little platter is what you'd expect from Mr. Todd...and what you'd expect is primo, ripsnot rock.  The second track, "Idle Time" slows it down a little bit, goes acoustic and laments about time well-wasted.  Listening to this track though is certainly not time wasted.

So, this is good shit.  As a quick market research project of the vast readership of this blog, whose music do you like best - Bruce Springsteen's, Paul Westerberg's or Pat Todd's?

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