Monday, January 3, 2011

Reviews - 1/3/10

One of our many New Year's resolutions that we probably won't follow through on, is to stay more up to date on reviews, etc.  So on that note, here is a great fucking demo tape (yes, tape) that we got over a year ago!

Lord Green - Last Demo - Hailing from the Quad Cities on the Illinois/Iowa border, Lord Green dropped this green cassette on our ears over a year ago, as mentioned above.  Some quick research shows that they're still playing and actually have a bunch of shows lined up for this month in various locales throughout the Midwest that you'd usually associate with farming and not mind-numbing, heavy, HEAVY rock such as this.

We stop short of saying "heavy metal", because while there are certainly elements of that genre on display here, we wouldn't want to give the impression of nu-metal or black-metal or death-metal or anything like that.  There's too much of a groove involved in these Lord Green tunes for that type of railroading.

Whether they're taking it speedy ("Losing the Race") or sloooowly (opening track "Fly"), everything is very heavy and very groovy but NOT groovy in a polyester-pants kind-of-way.  Groovy in a 7,000 foot deep crevace kind-of-way.  Combine that with some paranoid, anti-media-type sound clips in between songs and these cats will get your attention.

So very heavy.  So very enveloped in clouds of smoke.  So very great.  It's always great to be reminded that weird shit like this is lurking in practice spaces, basements, garages, what-have-you in the vast expanses of country's breadbasket.  (