Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mushuganas "Lows in the Mid 90's" on iTunes

If you're lazy and unfeeling and don't care to embrace the full artistic presentation of the Mushuganas' "Lows in the Mid 90's" CD, well, we'll still take your money via iTunes and some other online mp3 stores, or whatever they're called.

Here's the link for the Mushuganas release (and iTunes links for other albums we've put out can be found along the right side of the page here just below the Paypal links for each respective album):

The Mushuganas - Lows In the Mid 90's

All tunes are also available on EMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Napster, IMVU and LaLa but honestly, we have no idea how any of those services work which probably means that we should keep quiet about the fact that the tunes can also be found on those sites as they probably have some weird pricing scheme where 10,000 people have to download first before we see a penny.  Or, it means that we're paying extra money every year to have Beercan releases housed on those sites but no one ever uses them at all.  Either way, we're probably not being very business-saavy, but we've never profited a dime from this Beercan Records endeavor, so why start now, right?

Our goal is to bring the music to the