Sunday, January 31, 2010

Won't You Please Help?

The Mushuganas discography, "Lows in the Mid-90's", is going to the pressing plant in a few days. To scrape together an extra few bucks to offset costs, we're putting a bunch of old vinyl up on Ebay. Most of it is of the punk rock variety, but if you're reading this, that's probably something you may have already deduced. Anyway, you may be interested in picking up some of these 7-inches and albums for cheap.

Here's the link to the full listing and keep checking back over the next few days as we'll continue to add stuff.


Here's what's up for auction as of Sunday, January 31st.

-the Dickies - Live In London
-Gang Green - Older...Budweiser
-Gaunt - I Can See Your Mom From Here
-the Gories - I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'?
-Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Jonathan Sings!
-No Empathy - The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated
-the Queers - Love Songs for the Retarded
-7 Seconds - the Crew
-Violent Femmes - Hallowed Ground

-Electric Frankenstein - Sick Songs
-the Jewws - Heartbreaker

-Aliens & Strangers - Go-Go-Goes Dragstrip
-the Campus Tramps - Stick Around
-Clone Defects - Lizard Boy
-Electric Frankenstein - An Evening with Electric Frankenstein
-Electric Frankenstein - Up From the Streets
-Estrus 1995 Nationals - Drags, Impala, Insomniacs, Mono Men, Lord High Fixers
-Gotohells - If I Could Make a Girl
-the Hectics - Come Booze Down With...
-Jack o' Fire - OK Class...Let's Review
-Jodie Foster's Army - My Movie
-Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - Victoria's Secret Sauce
-Lonestar Showdown - Motards, Reclusives, Wormdirt, Cryin' Out Louds
-the Makers - Shout On!
-the Makers/Magnitude 3 - Split 7 Inch
-Mooney Suzuki - Taking Me Apart
-the Motards/Cryin' Out Louds - Split 7 Inch
-the Motards/Fuckemos - Split 7 Inch
-Murphy's Law/Aggressive Dogs - Split 7 Inch
-Mushuganas/Chemicial Blue - Split 7 Inch
-New Bomb Turks - Sexual Dreaming/My Hopes Are Copacetic
-New Bomb Turks/Entombed - Split 7 Inch
-Pagans Tribute - What's This Shit Called Punk - New Bomb Turks, Aggravators, Quazi Modo, Slak, Solid State Ignition
-the Reatards - Get Real Stupid
-the Registrators - Monkey/Stupid Girls
-the Spits - 19 Million AC EP
-the Stranger - Prison Called Life
-the Supersuckers - Can Pipe/Play Some Rock 'n' Roll
-Teengenerate/Bum - Split Double 7 Inch
-Teengenerate - Car-Crazy! Speed-Crazy! Japaneze!!

If you win any of the auctions after reading about it here, shoot us an email at or through Ebay, let us know and we'll drop an extra musical treat in with your record.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reviews - 1/27/10

King Mastino - 4-Song Demo - Well, these folks contacted us via the MySpace account asking for our worldly and sophisticated opinion on their music. As points of reference, King Mastino let us know that they draw from the proverbial wells of the Hellacopters and the Stooges. And you know what? I can hear the Hellacopters comparison in here in that there are some decent hooks and well-timed parts in the each of the 4 songs where most of the band drops out and then piles back in for some punchy effect.

However, this is one of the cleanest sounding recordings I ever done heard. Very professional sounding but, for better or for worse, that is off-putting to us here at Beercan Records. Maybe "professional" is the wrong adjective...perhaps "polished" or "controlled". Not to hammer the Hellacopters comparison too much (because, to be fair, King Mastino never said they were trying to sound exactly like the Hellacopters) but the beauty of the Hellacopters was all the fuzz and the feedback and the fact that it sounds like your stereo is about to explode when listening to their shit at appropriate volumes.

So, decent tunes but a little too spotless for our tastes. Oh, and they sound nothing like the Stooges. Don't know where they're getting that. (