Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reviews - 11/4/2012

Wide Angles - Boxcutter - Another rock solid 4 songs from Wide Angles put out, um, last May on No Breaks Records.  Much like on their debut 7", Wide Angles show and prove that they are pros at crafting gritty-yet-melodic, tough-yet-emotional mid-tempo ponk ruck music.  It's tempting to describe them as "no-frills" too, but after listening to these tunes a couple of times, some rather intricate guitar-work and layering becomes apparent.

Only minor quibble here is when the singer reaches a little too far.  The guy's got a great voice for this band, but you've to know your limits a little bit too, you know?  But honestly, that is a very minor quibble.  This is excellent stuff.  (http://wideangles.bandcamp.com)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reviews - 10/30/2012

While we're on the task of clearing out the backlogged review pile, let's hop into a stack of vinyl from, appropriately enough, Vinyl Junkie Records.  Estan de Espana.

Mark and the Spies - Find Yourself a Way 7" - Let's be brief here.  Toothless garage-styled pop.  Next.  (http://us.myspace.com/markandthespies)

Los Derrumbes - Hacen Cantar a Sus Amigos 7" - Oh boy, not much better.  A pretty much straightforward interpretation of 50's-style rock and roll.  For example, an incredibly tepid cover of "Rockin' Robin" shows up on side 1.  I was going to go into some bullshit about how the only way I could see these tunes working was in some campy European movie where a peripheral character was really into American rock and roll and these songs were playing in the background of a scene, but then quickly realized that was some bullshit.  (www.losderrumbes.com/)

De Keefmen - Cryin' at my Door 7" - Things took a turn for the better with this one and I'm not just saying that to be nice.  De Keefmen offer up 2 pretty hornery rockers that both feature some skronky guitar solos that you, yes you, will enjoy.

So enjoy.

Finally, one must wonder, nay HOPE, that their band name came about after imagining a veritable army of Keith Richards.  As in, "oh lord, a brigand of De Keefmen approach!"  Right?  RIGHT?!  (http://www.facebook.com/pages/De-Keefmen/113374322013364)