Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reviews - 12/28/11

The Demerits - A.P.B. Demo - Somewhere along some cultural spectrum that includes the Son of Svengoolie, the Stooges and the 3 Stooges lies Darrick Elia.  At this point, I would go so far as to refer to him as a hidden Chicago treasure.  Tracing back to my first introduction to the guy, his erstwhile band Bondo was a horn-and-beer-fueled rock 'n' rollibido machine.  Thanks to this strange world's burgeoning media tools, their hilarious ode to drankin', "Fuck You, I'm Drunk", has gone somewhat "viral", as the kids (or annoying marketing people) would say.  So much so that I've seen speculation from online know-it-alls who are 100% sure that the Dropkick Murphy's wrote the tune...or was it Flogging Molly?  Nope, it was Bondo and that wasn't their only great tune.

But enough about Bondo.  This 1-track little demo is a very groovy, mellow little guitar, drum and keyboard number.  Not really fleshed out enough to change your life or anything, but a cool little tune for sure and a nice introduction to the new band.  The Demerits are playing around the Chicago area pretty regularly as of this writing, so check 'em out.

Also recommended in the Darrick Elia ouevre is his other project, the Hamburglars.  If you've got a sense of humor at all, go see them too.  Just trust me on this please.  (