Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reviews - 10/25/09

Well, the magical PO Box has not been really kind to us thus far in October but our promise stands to give anything that comes in a full listen. So here we go...

Nitekast - 3-Song Demo - From the first notes of this demo, it was pretty clear where this was headed. Guitars run through some amp that makes all sorts of "effectz" coupled with a gal who I suppose has a decent voice, but this was kind of brutal. Would these guys list Evanescence as a main musical influence? Sounds like it to us. In the "pro" column, the second track starts out kind of sounding like mid-80's ZZ Top and the last track sounds kind of Judas Priest-y in parts.

Not that strong of "pros", but beggars and choosers and all that. (

John Gray - Demo CD - We were kind of surprised that this was even sent to us. I mean, we release albums at a rate of about once per year (if that) so I doubt we'll be making the jump to jazz guitar stuff any time soon. That being said, this started out stronger than expected. Some pretty chill noodlings by this 18-year old kid. Plus, the track titles kind of cracked us up too. "Vulcan Event Horizon", "Saturn's Magnetosphere" and "Beach Boy Socrates" to name a few.

Things start to get a little to loose by the end though with the overall sound drifting towards Spinal Tap's free form jazz odyssey after Nigel left the band and Jeanine started booking them at amusement parks. "If I've told them once, I've told them a thousand times. Spinal Tap first, puppet show last." (

Anciem Regime - Demo CD - I am less of a man for having listened to this CD in it's entirety. Outside of the last track, an instrumental which was decent, I pretty much loathed this thing which was a watered-down appropriation of such 80's heavyweights as A-Ha, Thompson Twins, Flock of Seagulls and the like. Yes, a watered-down version of those bands.

At one point while driving through the local woods listening to Ancien Regime as the leaves around me changed from green to yellow and red, I felt, for a split-second, like I was a character in a movie starring Andrew McCarthy or Rob Lowe or someone like that and had just found out that I was getting kicked out of my boarding school or that that creep Lowe has been fucking my mom or my girlfriend or my favorite professor or something like that.

Very nice press kit though, complete with a full listing of Ancien Regime's gear as well as an overhead diagram of how they set up on stage. Ye gads. (