Monday, July 19, 2010

The Peelers, "Let's Detonate", Re-detonated on ITunes and places like that...

Ever since this wonderful album by Chicago's now-defunct Peelers became available in e-stores (ugh, it pained me to type that) back in 2006, the track listing, order and actual songs were all kinds of screwed up.  In a nutshell, the 6 second intro track was posted in stores twice while the smoldering danger of "Dig Me" was omitted completely.  So unless you bought the actual CD when the Peelers raced through your town, you probably weren't getting the full experience of this gem.

FORTUNATELY, we here at Beercan finally ponied up and had the old album taken down from stores like ITunes, Amazon, Amie Street (whatever the fuck that is), etc.  The album is now correctly and fully available in all it's glory, including "Dig Me".

If there was a way for us to automatically send a file of "Dig Me", to all those who have bought an electronic version of the album since its release about 4 years ago, we would.  But as far as we know, there isn't.  So go plunk down $.99 at your favorite "virtual" store (is that term even used anymore?) and enjoy what you've been missing.

And while you're at it, check out some of the off-shoot projects that various Peelers ended up in after the explosion of this record, and ultimately their band.


-The psychedelic garage-ish stylings of THE MEDIUMS -

-The psycho-sexual kanoodlings of HOT AS HELL -

-The I'm-not-really-sure-cuz-I-haven't-heard-them-yet-but-think-its-dark-and-heavy grindings of WITCHBANGER -!/pages/Witchbanger/117648348257637?ref=ts